It is such a lovely secret  – where it not for the Others, it might be filled to the brim with lovemaking unbelievable; indiscretions incredible. Instead, nothing shall be said but what the Others can safely hear. 

Here occurs a terrific gulf- millions of things I want to say can’t be said. You know why. 

Very well. 

We’ll skip all that.

Do you know that blue tit is her favourite bird? - they mate for life, you know…It’s all about her – the lust for her flesh and the lure of her mind….. there’s this kind of shimmer of reality when she is about. 

Sailor believes that blue tits can carry their soul to heaven. She makes me think of that. If you see a blue tit, it means love is coming to your life, do you know that?

I can’t get her out of my mind; the corner of the room where she sat is haunted by her presence; the whole place seems full of her.


Thank you for reading….