sounds of longing and fear

sounds of longing and fear

Our thoughts, emotions, fears, longing and hopes all have sounds. This project explore this hidden landscape of sound within, opening up the possibility of listening inwards to both the audience members and the performers. The project specifically explores 'spontaneous' inner sounds, the sounds we might hear but we don't feel we are controlling or even are entirely sure where they come from - inside or outside - it aims to sonically delve deep into the sounds we might not always want to hear, the sounds of fear late at night, the sounds of longing for somewhere else. Using text and words, both as objects within the performance, acting as a prompt or trigger to listen inwards, as well as creating a connection with audience members in using text prompts as part of my own performance as "Red". These prompts and their close relation to the dialogue and one to one interaction with the audience, suggests unheard inner sounds as a undercurrent in the performance, both past, present and future.     

Staged and performed as part of Foolish People's performance "The woods trapped at the edge of midnight" 

Wilderness Festival 2015

"The Cells"


"Sounds of longing and fear" performed as part of the immersive art event "The Cells" in the Old Police Cells, Brighton.