Victoria Karlsson is currently undertaking a PhD Research Degree at University of the Arts, London. Her practice based research, with the working title of "Mapping experiences of inner sounds "  investigates sounds in thoughts, asking if we hear sounds in our minds, what they mean to us and where they come from.

The research aims to create a body of work defining our understanding of  “inner sounds” - sounds we ‘hear’ in both our conscious and unconscious mind, similar to, but different from an inner voice.  While the term is positioned hypothetically at this stage, the aim of this project is to research experiences of inner sounds with a view to producing a working definition of its meaning. Through practice-based research, the project aims to investigate strategies of articulating and making inner sounds audible, and develop a language to externalise and map experiences of inner sounds. While inner experiences are often explored within artistic practice, this projects specific focus is on experiences of inner sound, where this sort of exploration has not been attempted before. 

The research explores 'inner sounds' in various ways, through practical artistic work, surveys and questions, workshops, and writing. To help me with my research, please complete my survey here.

If you have any questions, comments or are interested in collaborating around this ideas, please get in touch! 




"The image as trigger of inner sound"

SoundImage Conference

Greenwich University



"Porous Listening"

Sound Art Matters 

Aarhus University 

June 2016


Artist Talk

"The Un Heard"

Art Arcana, London 

July 2016